Advanced Quality Management System
In the eyes of our customers, quality supervision team of Wonh is like a meticulous watchmaker. Wonh has always followed the quality management approach of continuous improvement to exceed customers' expectations. We provide customers not only products, but also our commitment to safety, reliable quality and excellent service. We are committed to exceed customers' expectations and requirements.
R&D Systems
In the eyes of customers, Wonh's R&D team is made of technical experts who are wise and careful, full with the spirit of innovation, and focus on sustainable development.
Social Responsibilities
We have a profound understanding of our operating principles and business ethics that they are the basis for a healthy and sustainable growth.
Wonh promises to provide our customers with standard, high quality, environmentally friendly products and services. Further, we ensure the legitimate rights and interests of our employees when carry out our business operations.
Green Life Concept
Wonh has been practicing í░green operationí▒ since 2006. We take low-carbon and other environmental protection into our daily operations, and achieved effective improvements and measurable benefits.
Routine Work
Energy-saving emission reduction, recycling, office environment
Promoting working in the natural temperature, there is no common central air conditioners of enterprise , each work unit has equipped with the independent air condition, which can be only used when the temperature meet the condition if low temperatures below 5 íŠ and high temperature above 28 íŠ.
Production and Operation
Supplier nearby principle, production process optimization
That company is implement the principle of nearby procurement for a large volume and single heavy-weight raw materials, reduces the extra carbon dioxide emissions and fuel consumption due to long distance transportation
Laws and Regulations
Performance appraisal, legal contracts, evaluation system .Company implement the ISO14000 environment system certification standards in a long term, established the environmental management committee, set up a number of energy-saving emission reduction indicators, and put the environmental indicators into each department's annual performance evaluation, and assess periodically.