In kindness we trust
Our Culture: Love Kindness Humility Responsibility
Our Spirit: Change Growth Dedication Efficiency
Our Mission: Let's grow together
Our Positioning: Automotive Integraton expert by globalised new technology
Complete Development mechanism
Guiding mechanism
The key to wonh's traction mechanism is wonh clearly express the expectations about employees on their behavior and performance.
Incentive mechanism
The core of Wonh incentive is to grasping and meeting the internal needs of employees, which means make a specific structure with the attractiveness of physiological or psychological deficiency
Restriction mechanism
The core of wonh restriction mechanism is performance appraisal system with KPI as the core and professional behavior evaluation system with qualification system.
Competition and Elimination mechanism
Wonh has positive traction and incentive mechanisms to promote employees to enhance their capacity and performance. Moreover ,also has the reverse competition elimination mechanism that will release the employees from the organization who are not fit organizational growth and development needs, as well as delivery the external market pressure to the organization, and thus to achieve the activation of human resources and to prevent human capital sediment or shrunk.

Personnel questions and answers
You may have questions when you join us. The following is questions and answers during our interview. Please leave your message if this cannot answer your question.
We alternate between one-day weekend and two-day weekend based on season. 9 days of annual vacation leave are provided after working for one year. Overtime due to job necessity can be accumulated and in exchange for personal time off. We are off on national holidays.
Starting from the commencement month, we pay various insurance on behalf of the employee. We provide gifts on traditional holidays, hold monthly birthday parties, hold internal communication parties, provide dormitory, provide commuter bus. For senior management, we have customized benefits program. As the company continues to grow, additional benefit programs are being planned.
We have developed a comprehensive salary management system. New hires will have introductory pay according to the position. Salary raise is done once you become a regular member, work after one year, and annual salary raise afterwards. At the same time, yearly bonuses are set once you have worked for a year. In addition, we establish clear performance evaluation and performance incentives programs to key positions.
We are a foreign owned company, led by a professional management team. We like competition and good performance results. We emphasis more on good cooperation and humanity. This is what we are proud of.
Our company's code of conduct has five key words: openness, proactive, honesty, competition, optimistic. If you believe you have these characteristics, we sincerely welcome you to join us.
Our core requirements for management personnel are two points, the first is the management ability to employers, the second is good communication skills; of course, on the basis of this, if you also have corresponding professional ability, that's beyond our expectations, please cast your resume now!