Business Ethics
We have a clear understanding that the basis for a healthy and sustainable grow of the company relies on certain operating principles and business ethics. It is essence to keep these principles and ethics in order to achieve our mission, make our vision come true, inherit and demonstrate our spirit. Therefore, we are fully committed to the following principles:
Maintain honesty and integrity within the company and with business partners, customers, and suppliers to keep relevant confidential information and trade secrets. Respect our employees, shareholders, business partners, customers, and suppliers, actively listen to their opinions, cherish their feedbacks, and treat them fairly.
We are committed to provide customers with high quality products and services. Our understanding of high quality is to meet or exceed customer expectations. We set clear policies and objectives on quality. Our pursuit of high quality is endless.
Comply with laws
Fulfill corporate responsibilities, comply with laws, regulations and policies of the countries and regions where the business is located. We advocate social responsibility, environmental protection and other values that are beneficial to mankind. We strive to improve the community environment through our work and services.
We believe in the common value of mankind. Regardless of the area or the ethnicity of the population that our business involves with, we are respectful and tolerant of their traditional culture, values and beliefs. We shall understand, learn, and apply appropriately.
Supply Chain Management
Through communication, consultation and inspection, we cultivate and enhance the sense of social responsibility of our suppliers. We strive to make all of our suppliers to establish an effective social responsibility management system and practice it systematically.
Environmental Protection
Environmental commitment
We promise to provide customers with standard, high quality, environmentally friendly products and services. We carry out the business with our environmental responsible attitude. We comply with laws, regulations and policies regarding the environment. Through implementing systematic environment, adopting health and safety policies, and actively promoting environmental improvement projects and service plans, we establish strict environmental management to practice our own commitments.
Environmental Protection Action
Through ISO-14000 certification and practice, we ensure all business activities are in line with all the existing environmental laws and regulations;
Through implementation of full environmental concept, environmental awareness and environmental protection work and lifestyle training, we actively guide employees, whether during work or life, the concept of environmental protection, to guide them to establish a good environmental literacy habits from within;
Take active measures to prevent and avoid occupational injuries and disease risks, improve our employees' health care benefits;
Through standardized design and design optimization, we ensure the safety of products during the manufacturing process. We take active measures to prevent environmental pollution, increase energy saving, and minimize the negative impact on the environment and dependence on high energy consumption;
We require our suppliers to operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.
Employee Benefits
Ensure the legitimate rights and interests of employees
Through the development of fair, equal and open personnel management system, we are fully complied to existing national laws, regulations, and policies in areas of recruitment and selection, contract signing, working environment, working hours, pay and benefits, health and safety, separation and handling of other personnel activities.
Employees are our most valuable assets